Who Are We

Optimist International is a worldwide non-profit, volunteer organization, made up of more than 2,500 Clubs throughout the USA, whose members work each day to make the future brighter by bringing out the best in children.

The Clarkston Area Optimist Club embraces this vision. Our core values resonate through the Optimist Creed and remain a constant reminder of the examples we strive to set for the Clarkston community in which we live, work and play for over 35 years!

Here is a list of our current members (as of 09/09/2021). Browse through the names. You may see some familiar ones!

Brian Adams
Nanci Anderson-Bereznicki
Lisa Austin
Tracy Bedford
Debra Berry
Kelly Berti
Gary Bigger
Thomas Biggs
Michael Blicher
Don Brose
Robin Brose
Paul Brown
Seth Bucholz
Charlie Campbell
Curt Carson
Michelle Carson
Tanya Carson
Stephanie Charmarro
Bill Cox
Linda Danek
Ahdi Dasuqi
Jean Dasuqi
Allie Dennis
Jordan Dennis
Phillip Dutton
Kenneth Ermer
Anne Evans
James Evans
Matthew Evans
Chandler Fleming
Kathy Garwood
Stan Garwood
Matthew Gifford
Jill Giovas
Jim Gotch
Janalee Grainer
Glen Gualtieri
Elaine Guttenberg
Celeste Hanes
Peg Hill
Myrna Hirn
David Johnson
Karen Joliat
Gary Kaul
Linda Knott
Erin Kuhn
Amy Laboissonniere
Janice Landauer
Jim Lawson
Rachel Loughrin
Tom Lowrie
Anne Mancour
Jessica McDonald
John McDonald
Bruce Mercado
John Merz
Kathyrn Middleton
Thomas Middleton
Diane Midgley
Delia Miller
Pat Mueller
Kathy Novak
Chelsea O'Brien
Michael Page
Judy Parnes
Alan Partington
Jeffrey Peariso
Joyce Pennycoff
Sissy Phillips
Jeff Reed
Angela Regiani
Daniel Regiani
David Regiani
Joe Regiani
Sharon Regiani
Susan Ring
Dennis Ritter
Peg Roth
Mary Rowe
Shawn Ryan
Andrea Schroeder
Mark Schroeder
Chuck Senkyr
Noah Sharrow
Dave Shoults
Sam Skene
Dan Stencil
Edward Stone
Frank Strother
Suzanne Tinka
Anita Van Wagoner
Mike Walkowski
Nancy Walkowski
Robert Whitcomb
Steve Wyckoff
Jodi Yeloushan